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Basically its to the ESR what the VECP is to the
Rockeye. So I called it the Extra Small VECP, that's
right I put an acronym in an Acronym.

I'm gonna run one big batch of these, then move on to
the next project. I'll probably come back to this and do it
again later, but it's gonna be a while... I'm gonna get a
couple of these projects worked out then set up a
rotation, probably.

Sales will be (I hope) a little more steady than they have
been on the VECP. With my own machine, I am less at
someone else's mercy. I will put some up for sale here
on the forum and some though my e mail list. Get on the

Dealers will be getting some too.

One of the hardest parts of custom folder making is
managing the variations of materials. Steel not straight,
titanium bowed and not the same thickness though out,
etc. All these things play havoc with knife function and I
spend a lot of my time on the custom knives fixing those
inconsistencies. A lot of time!

So I had an idea of a project, where I took out as many
of the variables as possible, Keeping the design simple
and speeding things up, adding Value by changing the

That's about enough talk for now, here are the specs
and photos!
I give you, the ESV

Steel: .160" (4.06mm) thick, CTS-XHP (60Rc)

Handle: Titanium Frame lock, .140 (3.55mm) thick

Back spacer: Titanium Standoffs

Ambidextrous thumb stud

Phosphorus Bronze washers

Clip: Tip up only, hole configuration is the
standard 3 whole pattern so if you want a different clip,
you have a lot of options.  

Lanyard hole

3.9” (99mm) long closed

Blade, 2.67" (67.7mm) long, CNC flat ground to .015 (.
381mm) before sharpening*

*I engraved my name into the non lock side on the inner
part of the frame.

There are a lot of goals I have involved in this project,
versatility and utility being first and foremost.  

Hope you guys like it, thanks for looking and thank you
all for your support!
ESV folder
$400 sold out for now*
(yes I know I just sent the e mail that they where
ready, but they are all gone.)  
Thank you all!
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