I just wanted to take a few minuets and talk about some of the technical
details about how I make my knives.  

This page used to have a long drawn out explanation of how I see a bunch
of the knifemaking buzz words, custom, handmade, Mid-Tech, Semi-
Production, ETC...  I am no longer interested in this debate, and I will tell
you why.

I have made knives with Computer Numerical Controlled Equipment in a
air conditioned shop and I have made knives outside on an ammo crate
with no power tools at all.  The one thing that was constant was me.  I am
heavily invested in every knife that leaves here regardless of the tools I
used to make the knife.

I am committed to making the best knives I can, that best fit the goals I
set out to reach.  I will leverage every technology that I can find and put
in all the hand work and sweat to bring it all together.  

After I got out of the Marines, I used my GI Bill to go to machinist school.  
Then in 2012 I got my own CNC mill in my own shop.  I was very excited,
but the machinist side of my brain plugged into the accountant side and I
started making big plans for keeping the spindle turning all the time!  
Gotta make it pay!

Then, I got too thinking.  I didn't want to be a CNC shop that made knives,
I wanted to be a Knifemaker that had a CNC.  Now I am learning to see
the CNC as just another tool...  Some knives get a lot of time in the CNC,
some knives get none.

So I decided to just be honest and let my knives stand on their own with
out a bunch of fancy labels. I'll be straight forward about what is what and
you are free to make up your own mind as to what to label my knives.  

In my mind I will always be a Knifemaker

Everyone has an opinion of what handmade means, what sole authorship
means.  That is fine with me, I would rather someone didn’t buy one of my
knives than to sell a knife under false pretences.  Honesty is the most
important thing here in my eyes.  You can decide for yourself how much
these things matter.  

If you truly want to create something from scratch, you must first create
the entire universe.  Everything comes from somewhere and every
craftsman starts with something.

I am licenced to use the "Spyderco Hole" opening method.  Spyderco Inc.
has done a lot for the knife world and I commend them for the willingness
to share their intellectual property.  

I am licensed to use the IKBS Ikoma Korth Bearing System.  This system
allows the Balisong pivot to be tightened to remove virtually all blade play
in the handles and still allow smooth and free travel of the blade though
the full range of motion.   It is a fantastic system and I am glad the
makers in Brazil have been so open in sharing their methods.  I’ll probably
try this out in standard folders later on, but for now I’m only using it on

Above is where my things come from and what I start with.  If
your still reading, I thank you for reading and indulging me as I ramble

Respectfully Submitted,
Les George
© Copyright 2010 George Knives, Inc